Touch Screen Repair for AMF Accu-Score XL and Boss Scorers
I am now offering repair service for your 15" AMF bowler terminal touch screens that have gone dark. These screens are originally illuminated by small fluorescent tubes. When the tubes go bad, it causes failure of the "inverter" circuit, which is part of the monitor's internal power supply board. Repair parts are no longer available to repair the inverter.

For a flat-rate of $249.00, I will update your monitor to LED backlights. LED technology is what is used in the latest TV's and monitors. While your original backlights were rated for about 20,000 hours of use, the new LED's are rated at 100,000 hours, so you should be set for many years to come after the upgrade, which features 160 LED's and a new inverter board.

Other repairs to these monitors such as replacing a broken screen are also available. Contact me for more details and pricing.

Email me at
djk161@yahoo.com or call (920)336-3120 for ordering info. Please leave a voicemail message if I don't answer.