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>Air Compressors, How maunufacturers lie about their horsepower ratings!
>Air Compressors, Using compressed air is a terribly inefficient process.
>Bits and Pieces, Some of my unclassified thoughts.
>Cars - Gas mileage, Simple tricks and tips to help save that expensive fuel.
>Cars - Last longer, Drive your car for 250,000 miles. No, it's not oil changes.
>Cars - Cold Weather, Help your car warm up faster and reduce wear.
>Cars - Stupid, Why do they put all this stupid stuff on cars?
>Cars and Driving, Traffic signal tricks, make the light change for you!
>Cars and Driving, Road Rage can slow you down!
>Dan's Outlook '07, My opinion of why this country is falling apart. Read it!
>Coffee, Learn why microwave coffee cools faster, and if hotter coffee cools faster.
>Coin Pouch, Check out the recycled leather coin pouches I usually have for sale on Ebay.
Energy Saver Heater, Do the "Amish" or "Cured Copper" heaters really save money?
Energy Saver Lightbulbs, How much it costs to run a lightbulb, CFL's, LED traffic signals.
Energy Saver Washers, Front load washers, why you should buy one!
>Furnaces, Learn if installing a high-efficiency furnace will really save you money.
>Furnaces, Junk, It's kind of rude to ream someone like this!
>Furnace Filters, Many filters improperly marked so you install backwards, = short life.
>Gambling, How to win at the slot machines.
>Geothermal Heat, Read about my home brew geothermal heating and cooling system.
>Government - Taxes, What the government does with your tax dollars. Septic tank, too!
>Government - Codes, Some building codes actually increase energy waste.
>Government - Police, Where are all the cops hiding?
>Government - Prison, Trying to visit an inmate in prison can be a real nightmare.
>Government - Smoking 1, Should the government be dictating where a person can smoke?
>Government - Smoking 2, More thoughts on smoking bans.
>Ice, Interesting things about ice, warm dogs, fast food, siphoning water, and more!
>Music, Is that really music? Mp3's and more.
>People - Stupid 1, If you can't spell, especially on the front page of the paper, you're stupid!
>People - Stupid 2, Spell it on Ebay, Heel your sole!
>People - Real Man, Are you a real man? Check it out.
>Pride, Anyone know what that is?
>Quality, There are several "kinds" of quality, did you know that?
>Retarded - Products 1, How come so stupid looking? You're going to put that on your head?
>Retarded Products 2, Stupid flashlights, cellphones, coffeepots, even karaoke CD players.
>Retarded - Phone Co., Talk about complete idiots! And the phone co. don't have a phone!
>Rip-Off Alert 1, A Pint isn't always a pint!
>Rip-Off Alert 2, Wattage ratings of stereo equipment a big lie!
>Streetlights, Nightlights & more, Sodium, lamp life, photocells, ripoff nightlights, and......
>Vacuum Cleaners, Read this before buying another one!
>The Old Home Page, I couldn't update it without a total redo, so it's in mothballs!