The Economic Stimulus Payment
  Home                                                                                                                                              Published 4/23/08

So the Government is going to send you a check for $600, or is it $800, whatever.

In case you're not aware, the Government is broke, threatening to cut programs, can't afford to fix the roads, already owes much more money than it has. So where's the billions of dollars going to come from for these payments?

Answer: You, You, and You, plus future generations, will be paying for this forever! The government has to borrow this money. So starting next year, You will be paying it back, plus interest!

But you might as well take it, everyone else surely will.

I've seen stories in the newspapers about how you should spend this money. Supposedly, you're supposed to buy a big-screen TV or a similar toy with it. This will surely help the economy in China, then THEY can expand more, take away more U.S. jobs, use more energy and drive the cost of oil up even more! Stimulus Schimulus!

If you have a brain, you should use the money to pay down credit-card and other debt. Then keep it down. If debt is not an issue with you, then spend the money on something that is made in U.S.A., if there still is such a thing. THAT will help OUR economy.

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