Lazy, Cheap, Crooked!
Published: 9/17/08
I know I'm probably repeating myself here with stuff you may have already read about on my other pages. But that's why at the end of all of those commercials, they repeat the phone number "That's 1-800-blah-blah-blah" 4 times in a row, because repeating can help things soak in better.

Let's start with Lazy. Yeah, I'm a bit lazy, but not as much as most. My latest complaint is punctuation. In case you don't know what that is, it's all the little ";:?.,'s you see when reading something. While I'm by no means a grammar expert, and I dropped out of school in the 9th grade, I do know what most of those little marks mean.

Around the beginning of 2008, I upgraded my karaoke system to using a computer instead of cd's. One advantage of the computer is that just about every karaoke cd ever made, has its songs and artists listed in a database. So instead of me having to manually type in all of this info to make my songbooks, I can now just look up the disc in the database, and copy the info directly into the a file for organizing and printing the books. But, as I started doing this, I found that the majority of the listings in the database are missing the punctuation. Songs that start with the word "don't" are all "dont" , "won't" is now "wont", and so on. Yes, it makes it a little bit easier to type into the search box, I can skip one whole keystroke, the '. Wow. But when I print the books, and study the results, I find that songs that have the word "we'll" (which is short for we will), now are listed as "well". Oh, well! Better yet, songs that have "he'll" now suddenly have the word "hell" in their title.  Whoever's idea this was, I hope that he'll end up in hell! I'm finding that it takes longer for me to go back and fix all of this, than it does for me to simply type the whole thing in myself, properly.

I'm seeing this same kind of foolishness in stories on the front page of big newspapers more and more. My assumption is that this is caused by simple laziness of the current generation. Another possibility is simple stupidity. Whichever it is, I find serious fault with our school systems for accepting this as normal, and allowing people like this to graduate. Be sure to read the
<spell> story on this site for more on this subject.

Let's move on to Cheap. That I'm not! When I decide that I need something, I go buy it. My most important criteria is quality. I always try to buy something that'll work good, and last for years, if not a lifetime. I don't give a damned whatsoever about "fashion" or "style" or the latest "technology". None of those affect how well something will work, or how long it will last. Ironically, some of the real good stuff, if you can still find it, costs less than the latest made-in-China fad that'll be here today, gone tomorrow.

But it's getting harder everyday. More and more of the store shelves are full of the junk, because that's what most people want. Many of the good old brand names that I grew up with are gone. Some are still around, but now they simply buy the pile of junk from China and put their name on it. No one seems to care. And even if their now made-in-China product happens to be as good as it was in the past (not likely), I still try to avoid buying it, because I know that they are getting it made for a fraction of what it used to cost them, but still selling it for the big bucks. A good example is Harley Davidson apparel. I used to buy Harley motorcycle boots that were made in the USA, and I didn't mind paying $100 for them. But several years ago, Harley Davidson, "The American Legend", switched over to all imported boots. You can bet they're getting them for 25% of what it was costing them, but the price in the store surely didn't go down. As I said, I USED to buy Harley boots.

Speaking of boots, I like boots, I have hundreds of them. Mostly good old made-in-the-USA models. There are still a few of the good old brands around, but like anything else good, not for much longer I'm sure. HH Brown or Double-H as it's sometimes called, still makes some nice boots right here in the USA. Red Wing is one of my favorites also. They still make some nice boots here, although they say on the label "Made in USA using imported materials". They also have a cheaper line from China called "Worx". I don't buy made-in-China boots, so I can't really tell you if they're any good. I also noticed that most boots with the word "work" as part of their name, are China specials. Someday I'll give you a whole page about boots!

Back to the story at hand. We're now at Crooked. There have always been crooks around, but in the last 10 years or so, there sure has been a big increase. Just about every business of every size seems to have turned to dishonesty, in pursuit of the almighty dollar. The Government no longer seems to care. 99% of the advertising is false. The products are not what they claim to be. It will cost much more than it says. The gift card will slowly dissolve into the stores' pocket. There is no such thing as "regular" price anymore, now it's "80% off!" It's "free" for only $29.95 a month. The "6hp" air compressor or shop vac is really less than 2 horses. The "3000 watt" stereo is really a 300 watt stereo. The "24000+" hour rated streetlight bulbs last for about 1/3 of that. The "home" that you paid way too much for is built out of glued-together tree bark and popsicle sticks, covered with plastic. Now that the bank realizes they gave you way too much money to build it, they're going broke and need the Goverment (your tax dollars) to bail them out. Crude oil prices are at the lowest they've been in a long time today, but gasoline went up 30 cents a gallon in the last week. My bank charges about $15 a month "analysis" fee on my business checking account. Pretty much everything today is a thin, worthless piece of plastic, finished to look like it's gold!

To sum it up: People are lazy. Everything is junk, because that's what you're willing to pay for. And the crooks are cashing in.

Good day. Oh wait, I don't think they make the good days anymore. they were way too expensive!