There's a lot of questions that need to be answered before passing Smoking Bans!
As you've probably guessed, I'm a smoker. But the point of view I'm providing here is really not simply in defense of smokers, but more so in defense of American freedoms, especially freedom from Government interference with matters that are none of the Government's business!

I'm very well aware of the fact that smoking tobacco is certainly not good for one's health, and will very likely shorten their life. But on the other hand, I don't believe that the health effects of so-called "second-hand" smoke are nearly as drastic as the anti-smoking lobby wants you to think.

I'm glad that Wisconsin lawmakers didn't rush a vote on this matter, and now it appears that it won't come up again until early 2009. I intend to make this page known to as many people as I can before that time, and if you agree with my point of view, I hope that you pass the link to this page along to anyone you think may be interested. including senators and the Governor of Wisconsin.

As I mention elsewhere on this site, most of my knowledge comes from what I actually SEE or HAVE DONE, not what I read or see on TV. Much of what you read in the news or see on TV is HEAVILY BIASED, in other words, not necessarily the truth, but instead it is someone else's opinion of what they think you should know.

Although I consider myself to be only a "social" drinker, over the last 27 years, I've spent quite a bit of time in restaurants and taverns. My business is repairing bowling lane equipment, and also commercial refrigeration equipment found in restaurants and taverns. Plus, I run a small karaoke show that takes me to taverns on weekends.

What I SEE in taverns, is that MOST of the patrons smoke. And MOST of the bartenders also smoke. If I had to pull a number out of my hat, it would be 80% each.

It appears to me, that the majority of the people that frequent such places, including the employees, are smokers. Very much the same way I've noticed that the majority of the people using the men's bathroom, are men! And the majority of the people going to Pizza Hut, like pizza!

In the anti-smoking lobby's advertisements, they cite an example of a person who wishes to be a bartender, but feels that he/she shouldn't have to risk their health to work in such a "dangerous" environment. That's sort of like saying "I want to work at Pizza Hut, but I don't like pizza. Can't we make Pizza Hut stop selling pizzas?

There is NOTHING stopping ANYONE from opening a totally smoke-free tavern, restaurant, or bowling alley right now. If people believe that such a business should exist, then they should build it! My OPINION is, that if there was money to be made in such a business, we'd already have them!

If you you like pizza, you go to Pizza Hut. If you like Big Macs, you go to McDonalds. We DON'T make a law saying that Pizza Hut has to sell Big Macs!

I have serious doubt about the claims made about second-hand smoke. Once again, I'm sure it's not good for a person, but logic tells me that it's not as bad as they want you to think.

Another of the anti-smoking lobby's "dramatizations" has a voice saying "We went to a bowling tournament, and when some guys lit up........my chest tightened up, and I fell to the floor...". Another ad claims that a lady took her daughter bowling, and smokers in the bowling center's barroom caused her daughter to be "sick for 3 days afterwards". Both of these stories are supposedly REAL events, that actually happened.

I'm offering my OPINION here. I don't have the resources to investigate whether these stories are true. My GUESS is that, like so much else nowadays, they are not true. I'd GUESS that these stories are being told by paid professional announcers, and never really happened. It is also my OPINION that if someone falls to the floor, or is sick for 3 days because of a little smoke, they have much more serious health issues they should be concerned with. After all, I smoke 2 packs a day, and I haven't "fell to the floor" yet!

It is VERY LIKELY that some people are affected by cigarette smoke, more than others. Those that don't have a problem with it, should be able to patronize or work at an establishment along with others like them. And those who do have a problem with it, can go to a different establishment that caters to their kind.

Some will argue that they should have the "right" to go to any place they want. Well, they do have that right. But if they're not gay, do they go to gay bars? No. Then if they don't smoke, they shouldn't go to smoking bars, simple as that!

To sum up my thoughts, I don't believe that a group of people, that very likely does not spend much time in a tavern, should be able to "dictate" how the place is run. And if this group truly was a majority, they would already have their smoke-free taverns. full of customers, and the free market would put the smoking places out of business.

At some point in time, it has to be realized that PEOPLE ARE
NOT ALL THE SAME! And the Government has NO BUSINESS trying to make them all the same!
During the month of February, I asked you to vote whether or not you are in favor of a smoking ban, in all workplaces including bars and restaurants, in Wisconsin. This was a simple poll using page counters to tally the votes, and not many people voted. Most people that are aware of this poll, found out about it in a tavern. The results are to the right: Want ban .............1

Don't want ban.......13