I'm not suggesting that you smoke, but....
>My mother is over 80 years old, has always smoked like a chimney, and her biggest health issue stems from a broken hip. (I have to admit at age 84, her lungs are starting to go.)

>My 54 year old brother has always puffed cigars, no problems.

>I am 51 years old, smoke 2 packs a day, so far, so good.

>Of my two sisters, one smokes, the other one don't. The one that don't is the one having heart problems.

>A brother-in-law never touched a smoke. Bypass surgery X6 for him at around 50 years old.
I find that I smoke a lot when I'm concentrating on something, like writing this story, or drawing a schematic diagram for a project. For me, smoking makes the brain work better.

I've heard that a lot less people smoke nowadays. I've also noticed that a lot less brains work good nowadays. Is this a coincidence?
I don't like cheese. It stinks like a pair of really dirty socks, and I could get sick just looking at it. How about every restaurant being required to have a "No Cheese" section.
Speaking of public places, the womens restrooms are cleaner than the mens, I'm told. Can't I just start using the womens room instead? If not, someone is DISCRIMINATING against me. Don't I have the RIGHT to a clean restroom? After all, I could get sick, you know. I think we have to pass a law that prevents having seperate mens and womens restrooms in public places!
The Surgeon General has detemined that "any amount of second hand smoke is unacceptable". I bet if the Surgeon General was a smoker, in other words a peon like you and I, he wouldn't make that detemination. Who elected him anyway? I wonder how many tons of poison his limos, jets, and SUV's (paid for by us) spew into OUR air each year?
I hate to say it folks, but the day IS coming when the Government will DICTATE and MONITOR how many times a day you use YOUR OWN TOILET!
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