Glad I'm not a kid!
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At age 48, the time has come to write this.

After observing many, many things for all these years, I've formed a pretty strong theory of the direction this country is headed.

I've concluded that DUMB people multiply faster than SMART people. At some point, we probably had about a 50/50 mix. There were enough smart people to invent great things, run successful businesses, and run the country, while the dumb ones only knew how to work on an assembly line, where all they had to do was push a button if the shampoo bottles started going past empty, instead of full, then go home and watch TV and then, maybe make another kid.

But the ratio seems to have changed considerably now, I'm guessing maybe 10 percent smart, to 90 percent dumb.

We now have complete fools holding important positions in government. We have complete fools running businesses. We have more idiots than ever, cruising down the highways.

Problem is, when a complete fool is in charge of something, they are part of the majority (dumb), therefore most people see nothing wrong with that. In other words, one idiot thinks another idiot is great! And the few smart ones that know how to do something right, are outnumbered 10-to-1, so they can't change a thing.

I like things done RIGHT. Yes, it takes longer, and probably costs more, but to me, it's worth it. I was doing some electrical work recently at a construction site. I pointed out to the builder that he had built a wall that was 1-1/2" off plumb over it's 8 foot height, and it was  noticeably crooked. He said "yeah, I thought something didn't look right about that", but had no intention of fixing it, until I pointed it out to the building's owner (dumb), who hadn't noticed it. I wondered how the builder would feel if someone was working on HIS house, and did shoddy work like that. Then it occured to me, he wouldn't care! That's what we've come to! No one cares!

A key phrase above is "who hadn't noticed it". There is a very strong connection between "not noticing" things, and being "dumb". I'm not sure which one is the cause, and which is the effect. Is it that you are dumb because you fail to notice things, or is it that you fail to notice things because you are dumb?  In either case, the result is an IDIOT!

I consider myself to be quite smart, at least technically. I know how a car engine runs, how electricity is produced, transported, then consumed. I know how the chips in this computer work, and sometimes question whether the people that built it do! I have a pretty good knowledge of mechanics, hydraulics, electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, and on and on. Jack of all trades, master of none, as they sometimes say.

That brings up another point. I don't have a Master electrician's license. Although I could design a power generating station, run the wires down the road for miles, wire the school, then teach the electricity class,  I can't get the license. Well I could, if I felt like being someone's "apprentice" for 6 years. Amazing what unions can accomplish!

Which brings up another point. Many "master" electricians couldn't fix a flashlight! All they know is that the black wire goes here, and the white goes there, but they don't know WHY. Many heating contractors can't fix a furnace, but know that if they install a new one it will work. Plumbers can make over $100 an hour for knowing that "shit goes down".

Back to my brain. I don't know how football or baseball or basketball is played, AND I DON'T CARE! I don't know who won the Grammy Awards, don't know the name of a single TV show or actor that's on these days, AND I DON'T CARE! I am always thinking about ways to make things work more efficiently, better, and last longer. Takes up pretty much all of my brain power!

But I'm fighting a losing battle. People today complain about gas prices, while they drive around in a 4 ton army tank. (Dumb). Products don't have to work very good either, as long as they have a lot of useless buttons and lights to impress the friends (Dumb) Last longer? Who wants that! The new model coming out next week has even more cool LED's, and you GOTTA have it! (Dumb)

But if you're NOT dumb, you'd realize that we are consuming all of our resources faster every day, and there is only so much, then it's gone! Eventually all the gas will be burned up. All the materials to make plastics will be used up, with all the plastic junk we toss everyday buried deep in a landfill. I'm not going to start with the air and water...

If you're the self-centered type, your answer is "who cares, as long as there's enough for me". But you're not self-centered, are you? And what about all those kids you're havin', what's their Hummers gonna run on?

I think the schools may be turning into a lost cause. If the teachers are part of the majority (dumb), the students will turn out the same way (dumb), but the majority (dumb) will be too dumb to realize it! And if someone does realize that the students are not doing well on tests (dumb), then the answer is to make the tests easier (dumber yet!).

I think way too much emphasis is put on technology. Learn how to use a computer in the second grade. But great pyramids that still baffle engineers today, were built without computers, centuries ago. The more you allow people to "pass tests" by letting them find the answers with a computer, the less the brain will develop. If the lights in every room of a kid's house turn on and off when he walks in or out, and the toilet flushes automatically, he will grow up not knowing how to turn on a light or flush a toilet!

If you think the government is going to take care of everything, you're in for a rude awakening! Unfortunately, the majority (dumb) vote people into public office. Dumb thinks dumb is good, so that's what gets elected, dumb. But another big problem with government is corruption, so they're not only dumb, but crooked! The most important thing the government does is takes money from one group of people, and gives it to another group of people. And this amount of money has to keep increasing, because the more there is, the more they can skim off for themselves and their buddies.

In my wildest dreams, people would have to take a test in order to vote, to see whether or not they are dumb, answering questions like "will a concrete bridge catch fire easily?". But that will never happen, because the majority (dumb) won't let it!

That's all for now...Oh yeah, don't "fail to notice" all the other stuff on this site!