Home Road Rage can slow you down, and maybe even KILL you! (In case you didn't know that!)
I spend a fair amount of time on the road myself, and years of observation of the way others drive, led me to offer a few suggestions. Save a few tickets, too.

1. Some people seem to think they own the entire 4-lane highway. But the FACT is, that when trucks and such are merging onto the highway, I may have to move into the "fast" lane to let them in. And I may even have to slow down to less than the speed limit in order to move into the fast lane. So that means that if YOU are flying in the fast lane at 20 miles over the limit, and are about to run into my rear end, guess what buddy, YOU have to slow down too. And keep your finger in your nose, where it belongs!

2. When I am driving down a street and see someone still going 40 mph when they're 20 feet from a stop sign, I slow down, assuming they're going to blow the stop sign and run into me. But they slam on the brakes and stop. Now that I've slowed down, they have to sit and wait longer at the stop sign! Ha Ha.

3. I'm always cautious at stop and yield signs, when I have the right-away, ESPECIALLY on slow-speed residential streets. That's because I'm aware that the stop sign itself doesn't make the other driver's car stop. The driver has to actually be paying attention, and see the sign, and stop the car. They seem to pay attention a LITTLE bit more on busy streets.

4. At a 4-way stop, it's generally first to come, first to go. But a surprising number of people think that applies at a 2-way stop also. Often, I'll be heading north, for instance, and a southbound driver will think he can make a left-turn in front of me, because he was there first. Better check your driver's handbook. At anything BUT an all-way stop, left-turns have to yield for oncoming traffic! Of course if I know that the driver has been waiting at the stop sign for quite a while, I do have the option of waiving him on to make his left turn

5. A LOT of congestion is caused by people daydreaming at the red light. PAY ATTENTION to the traffic signals! If you're half way out into the intersection to make a left-turn, don't forget to check the left-turn arrow OFTEN. Nothing like being behind someone who doesn't notice the arrow until it's yellow.

6. Speaking of left-turn arrows, remember that if any cars waiting in line don't start moving right away, leaving a big gap between the cars, the traffic signal will think the lane is empty and go to yellow prematurely. For some reason this is a secret, DON'T TELL ANYONE!

7. The Law says you shouldn't flash your high-beams at someone coming toward you with theirs on. The logic is that if you blind them for a half a second, it could cause an accident. But them blinding you, and others, for 10 seconds is not likely to cause an accident? The Law is wrong! Break it!

8. Speaking of The Law, The Law protects you from yourself by requiring seatbelt use. If you find yourself being pulled over for something else, and you're not buckled up, you often have time to get the belt on before you pull over and stop. Not sure how many accidents this causes, but it'll save you a ticket! Another trick is to start getting out of your car immediately when you pull over, before the cop gets too close. Then you can say you had the belts on. The cop won't like it, but it you don't like tickets either, so you're even!

9. Most trucks, even pickup trucks with toppers on, do not offer the driver a very good view of what is along side of them to the right. You're asking for trouble by staying along side of them, or trying to quick get ahead of them if their right turn signal comes on. Remember, asking for trouble means asking for higher insurance rates!

10.When I take my pickup truck with a cap on it, to go shopping, I find it helpful to park in spots on the left side of the one-way parking lot lanes. That way, when I go to back out, I have a good view of the traffic in the lane, unless of course some jerk is going the wrong way.

11. If you're at a red light that refuses to change within a few minutes, it's because the light does not know you are there. Try backing up and pulling up again, (no one behind you, of course!) making sure you stop AT the stop line on the road. If you get a ticket for finally going through such a red light, the cop might lie to you and say the light would have eventually changed. Not true, fight it in court!

12. If you're not a multi-tasker, (most are not) NO CELL PHONES WHILE DRIVING!