A pint is a pint is a pint....Well at least it used to be!
What is this country coming to? Elsewhere on my website I've complained that manufacturers are cheating people by lying about such things as horsepower of air compressors and vacuum cleaners, and even the power ratings of stereo systems. But I don't expect the Average Joe to really understand, or for that matter, even care what I'm talking about. After all, most people don't know a watt from a horsepower, and as long as the stereo goes loud and the compressor pumps up their bike tire, it's good enough for them.

In my line of work, I get into taverns to fix things. Often I'll order myself a pint glass of Coke while I'm working. At one of my regular stops, where they usually don't charge me for soda, the bartender commented that they have new glasses now, they're 14 ounces instead of 16.

But on the marquee sign outside, I observed "PINTS OF BEER  $1.50".  Then on my next stop, in a different city, I ordered a pint Coke. Same deal, 14 ounces. And there's the big sign hanging from the ceiling listing Wednesday as "PINTS FOR $1.50 NIGHT".

A few days later I mentioned this to a friend who works at a bowling center in Green Bay. He said "Oh, yeah, all the places around here do that".

Its funny that we have a Bureau of Weights and Measures around here, that nabs grocery stores for inadvertantly charging customers for ice that was on meat when it was weighed and such, but the 14 ounce pint apparently is OK.

Just in case you didn't know, A PINT IS 16 OUNCES! That's what it says in my engineering books, old and new, and I think I also learned that in 3rd grade!

And if you like numbers, 14 ounces is 87.5% of 16 ounces. So if you you're paying a dollar for a pint of something, you're only getting 87 1/2 cents worth. You're being ripped off for 12 1/2 cents.

If you really like numbers, and you drink 10 of these, you got ripped off for $1.25. Seeing any green yet? How about red?

So if we allow this to continue, here's what's coming: A gallon of gasoline contains 8 real pints, or 128 ounces. And it costs about 3 bucks. If the "14 ounce pint" is acceptable, then that means you probably won't notice when they come out with "new and improved" gallon, with 8 "14 ounce pints" for a total of 112 ounces, one real pint  short of a gallon. So for 3 bucks, you'll get $2.62 worth of gas. But the "marketing department" will tell you that it's better, because it's lighter and don't take up as much room in your gas tank!

Good Day.