We Want Your Old, Worn-out Boots!
Our Repurposing Division is looking to buy old, worn-out or otherwise unwanted boots. The boots need not be in usable or repairable condition, as they will only be 'salvaged' for usable pieces of  leather to make new products from.

The pictures below (scroll down) show some types of boots we are looking for, but in general we are buying any type of  UNLINED boots that have at least two (2) 3" by 5" pieces of  3/32" to 1/8" thick leather that can be salvaged.

Work boots, Motorcycle Boots, Engineer Boots, Military / Army / Combat Boots,  Hunting Boots, Pac Boots, Winter Boots, and more!

Prices start at $3 per pair, up to $20 per pair for large, tall boots.

Shipping costs usually make it prohibitive for us to purchase a single pair at a time, so it is best to round up as many pairs as you can from friends and family to ship at one time.

For further information, contact us at
djk161@yahoo.com with the words "old boots" in the subject line.