A Real Man.....
Last Update: 9/08/08
1. Does not show up at his job fixing diesel engines, wearing white athletic shoes!

2. Does not wear Michael Jackson-looking mirrored sunglasses that curve around his face!

3. Does not walk around with sunglasses 'stored' on top of his baseball cap visor!

4. Does not use text-messaging, and doesn't have a camera on his cell phone!

5. Has no unnecessary metal objects protuding from the face or tongue!

6. Has no more than 2 credit cards!

7. Has little or no velcro, nylon, elastic or vinyl, in his pockets, clothing, and accessories!

8. Doesn't care if there are no cupholders or airbags in the car or truck!

9. Has successfully driven a vehicle with a manual transmission, at least once!

10. Leaves the toilet seat up!

11. Does not apply Chap Stick in public!

12. Does not drink thru a straw in public!