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>Why do they put all this stupid stuff on cars?

>Traffic Signal Tricks, get there faster!

>Read this before you buy a Vacuum Cleaner!

>Sodium Vapor lamps, nightlights, and more...

>Your Furnace Filters are in backwards!

>Yes, it's made to break!

>Why you should buy a Front-Load Washer!

>Even the Newspapers are Dumbing Down!

>Road Rage can actually Slow You Down!

>My theory on Global Warming.
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        Lie, Cheat, & Steal!

>Air Compressor horsepower, the Big Lie!

>Stereo Power Ratings, another Big Lie!

>The 14-Ounce Pint. You're being Cheated on!

>Electric Heaters, Cured Copper, Amish Mantles.

>Will that new Furnace really save you $$$ ?

>Mis-Labeled Furnace Filters plug up Fast!

>Our Big, New, Great Power Company!
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>Blazing Boots (Pictures) 12/09

>The Government can do it for $500   3/08

> Stupid things on cars    2/08

  Quality & Pride, Long Gone!

>The "New" meaning of "Quality"

>What on earth is "Pride"?

>Faster, Cheaper, Better (Crooked) ?

>The Pile Of Junk Oil Furnace. Ream. Rude.
             How Retarded!!

>Retarded-looking things!

>Retarded People!

>The majority of people are Dumb! 4/08
            The Government.

>Where are the cops?

>Free countries don't have Smoking Bans.

>If you can do it yourself for $50, the Government can do it for you for $500.

>Many people drive or fly great distance to visit inmates, only to be turned away by false positive drug tests at Federal Prison.
          Cars and Driving

>Why do they put all this stupid stuff on cars?

>How to get 200,000 miles out of your car!

>Cold Weather Car Tips, Heat on Hi no good!

>How to get better gas mileage.

>Traffic Signal Tricks, get there faster!

>Cold Weather Car Tips  1/08
           Technical Stuff

>How cold is ice? What is a BTU? How freezing water can keep your dog warm. Paying to bury water. How a "siphon" works.

>Using compressed air is VERY inefficient. You get a few pennies worth of work, for each dollar it costs to run the compressor!

>My theory on Global Warming. Besides for all the hot air coming out of politician's mouths, this could be a major contributing factor.

>Sodium-Vapor lamps rated for 24000 hours, last about 8000 hours. Your "energy-saving" night-light can use MORE power off, than on!

>How much does it cost to run a 100 watt light bulb for a year? How about a Compact Fluorescent? Electric Dryer?
   This, That, and the Other Thing

>Amazing Free Offer! Act Now! 0% Financing!

>My 3-letter Phone Co. (Should be 4!)

>Why so complicated?

>Spell it on eBay!

>A real man!

>Blazing Boots (pictures) (updated 12/09)

>Dare Ya!

>Have a Smoke!

>Dan's Homebrew Geothermal Heat Pump 1/09

>And More, Coming Soon!