My 2 cents worth on Global Warming!
II read and hear a lot these days about global warming. This scientist says this, that scientist says that. I'm no expert on the subject, but I do have a few thoughts about it.

Probably the most annoying thing to me about it is when we have an unusually warm day for the season, and all of a sudden everyone is saying "it's got to be global warming". But I laugh when I hear that this "warm day" was not as warm as the same day back in 1920 or so. Someone is missing something here!

I really think that if there truly is global warming taking place, the most likely cause is all that hot air coming out of politicians' mouths!

Getting serious now, here's a theory I have about global warming that I haven't heard anyone else mention yet.  Most people don't realize that nearly every bit of energy used on this planet, ends up being converted into heat. Here's some examples:

You put 30 dollars worth of gas in your car. 10 dollars worth of that is wasted directly as heat, out of the exhaust pipe. Another 10 dollars worth is wasted directly as heat out of the car's radiator, and off of the engine itself. So we still have 10 dollars worth of gas left to make the car actually move. As you step on the gas, a considerable portion is wasted as heat in the automatic transmission's torque converter. Once the car is rolling, friction from the tires flexing converts more gasoline into heat. At highway speeds, friction of the wind against the car turns more gas yet into heat. Then you step on the brakes, and all of the energy you used to get the car up to speed, is now converted into heat by friction of the brakes. If you're wondering how much heat you added to the atmosphere on this trip, here's a pretty close comparison. Picture that you took that 30 dollars worth of gas and dumped it on the road and threw a match to it! That's right, nearly every bit of energy from that gas got converted into heat by driving your car.

And that's just the beginning! Nearly EVERYTHING we do converts energy of one form or another into HEAT. When you turn on a light, the light rays eventually get absorbed into the surroundings, turning into heat. When you play your stereo, the sound waves from the speaker, due to friction as they travel through the air, eventually are turned into heat. When you blow air with a fan of any type, eventually friction from the air moving turns all of the fan's work into heat. If you use a crane to set a boulder on top of a mountain, the energy used will remain stored in the boulder, until you let it roll back down the hill, at which time it is converted into heat by friction.

There's no end to this. One could say that 99 percent of the energy we use today, will be converted into heat immediately. And we use more and more energy every day! Where is all of this heat going? Another interesting point is that it is super easy to convert any form of energy into heat, but converting heat back into useful energy is nearly impossible. Once energy is converted to heat, you could say it's been "burned", and so far we haven't figured out how to "unburn" something!

Perhaps those horse and buggy people knew something that we don't?

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