Absolutely Awesome Recycled Leather Coin Pouch!
I've always been the type to re-use anything I could, rather than to  throw it away. Often when something becomes unusable or unwanted, much of the material in it is still useful for something else. Why waste it?

25 years ago, I cannibalized a pair of my old boots to make a billfold, and a coin pouch for myself. I put the cardboard pattern I used to make the pouch away in a drawer for "later".

Recently, I came upon that pattern, which made me realize that I'm still using that same coin pouch and billfold 25 years later! I took my pouch out of my pocket, studied it, and it looks like it's still good for another 25 years!

With a little more time on my hands these days,  I decided that I'm going to make a hobby or maybe even a business out of this. I made better steel patterns, and so far I've sold over 100 of these pouches on eBay.

This is a form or recycling, which is important to me, and should be to everyone. The leather is being made into a useful product again, without another cow having to die!  And I'm working on methods to recycle the rubber and other materials also, keeping it out of our fast-filling landfills.

Right now, it costs more for me to make these from the recycled leather, than from new. I have to find it, get it here, seperate it from other materials, and run it through a 3-step sanitizing process to remove any bacteria, germs, odors, etc.

BUT IT'S WORTH IT ! besides for the recycling benefits, the resulting product has a broken-in quality  that just can't be duplicated with new leather. It feels better, and still has it's original finish, so it looks like you've had it for years!  Each pouch has it's own personality, ranging from "still a puppy"" to "
been there, done that" which describes my 25 year old one shown in the last picture! (No, it's not for sale, I intend to use it 'til I "kick the bucket")

I make these in several sizes that hold between $5 and $20 of mixed change. The pouches stand upright in your pocket, and have NO snaps, zippers, springs or drawstrings to fuss with or break. Simply remove from your pocket, squeeze gently on the neck to open the pouch, and dispense the coins into your other hand.
I try to keep between 15 and 20 of these for sale on eBay, ranging in price from $16 to $35, most with free shipping.

I have recently added similar pouches made from all-new materials to the line-up, for those of you that are leery about "used" leather!

here to view them all on eBay.

My cost for the materials, eBay and PayPal fees, shipping envelope, label and postage is more than $10 each, so I'm really not getting rich on these!

                              THANKS FOR LOOKING!