Bits & Pieces
Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've updated this site. I've been busy with other things. Once the snow flies, this site will get a complete makeover. You'll be able to add your own comments directly to the pages.

On 11/16/08, I added, updated the following:

1. Updated the
Greyhound Lanes page.

2. Added this link for you to check out, someone else with my point of view. Check out the signs, and the blog!

3. Added a quick story about my home-brew
geothermal heatpump I'm building..  (ADDED TO ON 1/5/09)

On 9/06/08, I added / updated the following:

1. Fixed some html errors on the home page "most recent pages" category, so the links take you to the proper page now.

2. Added to the "
real man" page.

3. Updated the
Greyhound Lanes page.

4. Added to the "
spell it" page.

Coming soon:

>The Government claims they have the authority to NOT allow a small meat-packing company to perform mad-cow disease testing on all of their products!

>More about the Government poking their nose into people's private business.

>I have my new $13,000 septic tank that the government made me install. Boy, is it nice, you should come see it!