About Me
My name is Dan. I was born in the late 50's in Green Bay, Wisconsin. My parents were both of modest means, my mother being a grade-school teacher, and my father was a repair man at a canning factory.

I was never too interested in what the other kids were doing. While they were playing with toy cars, I was studying how the furnace worked in our home. Instead of playing football, I would take the washing machine apart, and put it back together. I always skipped out of gym class in school, no interest whatsoever. But the school teachers all knew that I could fix just about anything, so I was always called upon to make the projector, tv set or whatever, work at school.

At about 10 years old, with the exception of the incoming electrical service, I  completely wired several new homes for friends. I also re-wired an old farm house my parents bought. It's hard to explain the look on the hardware store clerk's face, when a 10 year old kid is in there with his mother, buying rolls of wire and circuit breakers! Although I'm sure I pulled a few tricks that don't meet code, none of the houses burned down yet!

I made it through my teens without frying my brain on drugs, although I did skip out on the last few years of school. When a job opportunity came up at the local power company, I went and took the G.E.D. test, with no classes, at a local technical school, and passed it on the first try. I got the job at the power company, but unfortunately for both them and I, it didn't work out. I took another job at a rental yard, repairing everything from TV's to trenching machines, which was enjoyable until the owner retired and closed up shop.

Since then, I've been pretty much in business for myself. I ran a small engine shop out of my house for several years, fixed appliances, cars, stereos, just about anything that plugged in, went around, got hot, got cold, you name it. About twenty-some years ago, I got called by a relative who repaired bowling lane machinery, to help him out with some electrical problems. That was the beginning of a new business for me, and before long, I was repairing everything from the sump-pump in the basement, to the furnace on the roof, and anything in between, at about 20 different bowling centers. I even took a crash-course (reading books) in refrigeration, so I could service all of the coolers and ice machines at these places.

Now in my mid-40's, I'm still keeping the lanes going, although I have scaled back somewhat, specializing more in the electronic end of it. I have several inventions I'm trying to find time to work on. Hopefully, that'll be my retirement income!

My social life has been pretty much non-existent. Always working on something, no time for parties, girls, and guess what? I don't even bowl!  Here and there, I'm making up for that a little bit. I never wanted to have kids either, because one problem I see with the future is way, way too many people! I guess I don't want to add to that problem.

I really hate seeing people get ripped off. All most people seem to care about today is money. And the more they get, the more they need. I've learned to get along with what I have, and if a few more bucks come my way, great. If not, oh well. I'm not addicted to white plastic, so I don't need the hot tubs, boats, new cars and houses that so many people just can't live without.

In the end, pretty much everything I know, came from reading reference books, watching what the repairman was doing, or just doing it! I also have a tendency to look off to the side a little when I'm driving or whatever, and notice a lot of things that most people wouldn't pay any attention to.

Hopefully you'll browse my site, and NOTICE a lot of things. Someday, it might get you out of a jam, save you some money, or just make life better!